It is a blend of arabica coffees coming from the estates of Monte Alegre (Brazil), El Hato Blue (Guatemala), San Luis (El Salvador), to which the coffee of the Yrgalem (Ethiopia) Special Selection and the robusta of the Blehonnur estate have been added. The result is a blend where complexity and balance melt.

The flavours peculiar to the different arabica coffees mix together to create a very rich sensory picture. The robusta coffee of the Balehonnur estate brings an amiable scent of vanilla and a round body, enriching the cup with an enduring and generous cream.

This blend of estate coffees contains only CSC® – Associazione Caffè Speciali Certificati certified coffees: on each bag you will find a numbered anti-counterfeiting label that guarantees the sole use of CSC certified coffees.

85/15 - 250g

  • A very well-balanced blend with a wide aromatic range, walnut hints and a rich body.