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The varieties of grapes composing this wine are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese; they are grown in the sunniest lots of our vineyard at the IX mile of Appia Antica, so that they reach a complete maturation. It is a very nice wine and it has a marked character: particularly fruity, it has fresh and lively perfume, joined by spicy notes coming from the blending. Another typical feature is saltiness, due to the mineral soil of Riserva della Cascina.


  • Merlot 50%, Montepulciano 30%, Sangiovese 20%.

    • Colour: ruby red, very intense.

    • Bouquet: fine and intense, with notes of red and black berry fruit, balsamic nuances and inklings of tobacco, liquorice and iron-like minerality.

    • Taste: dry, warm, soft, tasty, quite fresh, full.

    • Food matching: perfect with red meat, seasoned cheese and salami, ham and cold cuts. Serving temperature is 14-16°C.


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