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We are often told that this is a delicate wine, that its structure will not stand a lengthy cellaring. We believe this is a myth, that a careful balance between nature and human hand is the key for re-capturing those wines which allow us to truly “savour the terroir.”
There is no SO2 into the must; it ferments on the skins in a no temperature-controlled wooden vats until it slowly becomes wine.
This wine is made with the least possible human intervention to respect the very soul of the grape and the balance with nature.
The second fermentation takes place in this very bottle where you will still find the sediments of the yeast to appreciate the authentic “rural method.” You have the choice of drinking this sparkling wine clear, or a tad hazy.
Each bottle can be (or rather must be) different: some will have a more compact deposit, some more bubbles, others fewer; enjoy them as you drink them and discover their differences!

Rurale - 1L bottle

  • We recommend you to pair this wine with your best friends...but with a good salame as well, a bit of cheese and good bread. And don’t serve it too cold!


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